3M Science Makes Life Easier

Science affects the world around us more and more every day. Science plays an important role in every stage of our daily life, at work, at home, on the road, and in every moment of life.

3M , which has 100,000 separate patents, is among the companies that use science to improve daily life and business life . “ 3M Science. The new corporate brand identity, presented under the title. ™ ”in every moment of life , emphasizes 3M’s strategy based on science and creativity in its wide range of activities, covering many sectors.

Drawing attention to the importance of science in human life and aiming to improve daily life, 3M brings together ideas and insights, people and products, reshaping daily life and business life, combining 3M science and innovation, making every moment of life better and improving the quality of life of people. offers impressive solutions.

Developing products and solutions for many sectors , 3M makes business life much safer with its creative products focused on science and innovation. For example, the 3M Aura Dust Mask 9300+ , one of the most outstanding products of 3M science , allows workers who work under difficult conditions and need to wear a dust mask to breathe more comfortably and safely . The 3M Aura Dust Mask 9300+ not only ensures comfortable breathing during work, but also makes everyday life better quality.

Electrostatic charges on the fibers help filter the air by attracting harmful particles in the 3M Aura Dust Mask made of ultra fine fibers . Electrostatic charged fibers capture harmful particles so well that those working in difficult conditions under dust and particles can breathe much more easily even with a thin mask. The top panel of the product, developed thanks to 3M science, which contributes to the comfort of employees in difficult conditions, also offers comfortable viewing. The worker breathing comfortably and seeing better can work longer and faster without removing his mask, which increases productivity. Most importantly, it gives the opportunity to work more safely.

3M Aura Dust Mask 9300+ , which relaxes the head and face of the person using the materials used in its design and production , easily adapts to many different face shapes and sizes , and the nose can be easily adjusted and safely attached. The product, which has 3 levels of protective options: Ffp 1-2-3, has both valve and non-valve.

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