Are the Japanese sleeping us?

I occasionally browse the internet news, even though I do not like it very much. While I was in such an action with semi-unconscious and asleep eyes, a news headline on Hürriyet news site suddenly caught my attention and I immediately paid attention to the detail of the news. In the headline of the news, it was written “Good news for the sleeping employee. Did I suddenly start surfing in the realm of dreams by going through the sweet doors of sleep while browsing through the pages? No I don’t think so. If this is so, this article is not real either, and I am afraid that if you can read this article, it means that you are in a dream now. Strongly all of us are awake right now. But those who are not awake are causing an annual loss of 138 billion dollars in the Japanese economy, according to the news I mentioned. You can easily compile bad examples from the internet world that insomnia causes job inefficiency, as well as leading to deterioration of worker health. Well, we would like to say a few words on this matter as someone who has sweated in the dusty workshops of the private sector for a while. 

It is stated in the news that the Japanese have implemented various projects to find solutions to the insomnia problems of the employees. For example, sleep systems, sleep premiums determined by using sleep control devices, etc. … If a system that has managed to become a brand in the world with its production systems and the products it produces, such as the Japanese economy, I think it is necessary to pay attention to that issue. Yes, insomnia is a big risk in business life. This risk is an issue that threatens businesses in many ways, not only in terms of business efficiency. Job loss can be compensated most of the time, of course, it will cost. However, the costs of incidents that may arise as a result of work accidents or carelessness, and which will condemn the business to both image loss and great compensation, are paid very heavily. “Robust head, it is an aphorism sitting right here as “cuk”. And starting from this concise word, we can say that “Solid business rises on the shoulders of solid employees”.

What is the situation like in our country? I wonder how many studies have been done on this issue. Since this article is more of a report (aha, this may have been invented now 🙂) than an “analysis” article, I will comment on my own observations and ideas from the literature review (by requesting your tolerance, of course).

In our country, I do not think that there are too many fatigue about the sleep problem of employees, especially in enterprises that do not have a standard production system. In our opinion, the sleeplessness of the employee is perceived as the personal problem of that employee and it is said: “What should we do if you lay down and listen to my fellow wandering in the evening? Whether you work or go! ”. I’ve just set up a harsh and brutal sentence, but I’m sure I’m not very unfair. Sometimes it happens that the employees who work for days in a row during periods of high orders, after a while, wander like a sea mine in the workplace and it is not known to whom and when it will explode. However, the error rate in the orders prepared at that time, the number of accidents at work or communication disruptions and fights in the workplace can be serious threats to the business. In general, the accidents or other losses that I mentioned in businesses that attribute informal work to themselves as a culture are neglected. Because they think that they can find dozens of ways to make a cover for a work accident, until the sleepless “worker” misses something by accident (!) In the interrogation of the police or labor inspector. Yes, then the patrons or the heads of the boss who want to look nice to the boss and miss the sleep of the employee ignite!

Perhaps these news are purely a perception operation. Maybe the Japanese are trying to get away with their pajamas camouflaged workers ‘overalls and go to their secret factories while they trotting other countries’ economies and send them to their bed. Is it possible? Will you be okay? In this volatile world economy, especially in times when competition strategies are getting more and more intricate. I ask myself: Are the Japanese making us sleepy?

Anyway, I’m sleepy, let me run before he runs away! Have a good sleep 🙂

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