Credit Card Usage in Turkey

European leadership in a country with a walk to the use of credit card data with Turkey. As of the end of January 2015, the total number of credit cards used has exceeded 57 million. The first European country in this field is the United Kingdom (end of 2014) with 57.9 million credit cards. In the field of total debit card, we have also passed England. With our debit card exceeding 105 million and 57 million credit card, we shop like crazy from POS devices, the number of which is close to 2.4 million.

Turning back to credit card statistics, Turkish consumers made a total of 231 million transactions with their domestic credit cards in January 2015. The economic equivalent of these transactions is 40.6 billion TL. Considering that the average number of transactions made with credit cards in January of the last 5 years is 186 million and the amount of these transactions is 26.4 billion TL, it is possible to say that the expenditures made with credit cards have increased rapidly. When we look at the annual figures, the total expenditures made with credit cards were 465 billion in 2014. This amount is over 11.75% of the total amount of 416 billion TL in 2013. Again, considering that the total number of credit cards increased by only 0.3% in 2014, the limit increase of credit card users It turns out that it caused a significant increase in consumption with such methods.

Although there is a general revenge perception in our country regarding credit cards, the data we have are saying the opposite of the facts. Demographic structure and the integration of the world economy lagged be realized as credit card usage in Turkey should not be surprised to be so widespread and intense. It will be a waste of word to say that the transactions and shopping amounts with credit cards, which have become an indispensable part of our economic life, will continue to increase rapidly thanks to the convenience of payment.

In addition to the ease of payment, credit cards can emerge in different aspects. For example; Garanti Bonus as a result of having the world’s threatened by global warming, Turkey’s first environmentally friendly credit cards ( Green Bonus ) began to market in 2007. The main contributions of this card to the environment are:

  • It contributes to donate some of the money it earns to the Nature Conservation efforts of the Wildlife Conservation Foundation.
  • It uses recycled paper in all printed materials with which it communicates with card-sending letters, envelopes, and the cardholder.
  • It has reduced the PVC ratio, which is more resistant to natural conditions than other plastics, to the minimum possible level in its raw material content. Thus, it disappears faster in nature than other plastic cards.
  • It saves paper by emailing the bank statement, and in return makes a donation to the Wildlife Conservation Foundation.

As can be seen (as it should be) carefully used credit cards can benefit not only the owners but also all living creatures around the world.

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