Far East Markets

There are many elements that make up the spiritual structure of people. One of these items is hope. One always hopes. Sometimes he is so hopeful that the risk drive driven by this tendency to hope causes the universe of thought to expand beyond rational limits. The end of this story is full of sorrow and sorrow.

The reflection of the chain of concepts I tried to explain above but probably failed is realized as balloons in our economic life. You’ve all heard of the tulip balloon. Probably balloons have been in history before. There was a bubble in the US stock market in the early 2000s. Except for known examples such as Amazon, Yahoo, Worldcom, Infospace at that time, companies that had a simple three-page web site, all of which were simply coded, and companies with easy-to-understand business models formed on this website were able to reach millions of dollars of market values. After 2006, we experienced a similar bubble in the housing market and other related markets.

The balloons have a nature like this: They are not understood by the vast majority until they emerge. These balloons appear as a result of the sudden notice that the prices of assets in the market are very swollen. Here, I want to make you feel like I am one of the minority masses who have mastered the events and have great predictions: “It might be a balloon in the Chinese Stock Exchange.”

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